Posted : September 13, 2013

Some of you may have noticed that Urban Lettings made the news recently, appearing in the print and online versions of the Wandsworth Guardian, The The Huffington Post and The Telegraph websites.

A law firm, on behalf of the new owners of Battersea Power Station (BPLC), instructed us to remove the silhouetted image of the Power Station as it is protected property via a registered trademark. As our use of the image is considered to be an infringement, we are to cease use of the image on all our corporate material and branding.

news story broke

When the news story broke, we received calls from solicitors specialising in intellectual property disputes; that the silhouette of the power station has been our logo for almost 10 years was not considered to be relevant, The Huffington Post our argument would have centred on the differences between our version of the silhouette, and theirs.

Despite David’s victory over Goliath, we decided that this was one fight not worth fighting. We did though request, as a matter of good faith and community spirit, that BPLC contribute towards the unexpected and significant costs that we are to incur, we are currently awaiting their reply.