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Tempo House
15 Falcon Road
London SW11 2PJ

020 7585 2761

Christian Walker Marla

Christian Walker

Managing Director

Christian started the company in April 2004 and brings 10+ years of industry experience.

Responsible for ensuring that things run smoothly and always available to offer sound and honest advice when needed.

020 3696 2190

Ishvah Johnson


Senior Lettings Negotiator

Ishvah has recently joined us and is a hardworking and enthusiastic addition to the team. He brings a wealth of experience with 6 years working in the lettings and management sector.

020 3696 2191

Bob Bradley


Property Manager

Bob’s meticulous approach with an attention to detail makes him well suited for the role of property manager.

Bob’s previous experience includes managing a portfolio in excess of 1,100 flats for the NHS.




020 3696 2193

Gemma Seaward


Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Gemma joined us in early 2013 and she is an invaluable member of the team, bringing a wealth of experience, her organizational skills and commitment are highly valued.

020 3696 2192

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